Easy Clean
Captain Kitchen Sink Studio have a specially designed surface that is easy to clean and maintain. No need to use hard scrubbers or harsh detergents and acids; just a soft cloth and soapy water will do.
Extra Deep Bowl
Makes washing of extra large utensils easier; you can choose from a variety of depths as per your requirement, ranging upto 300mm deep bowls. Captain Kitchen Sink Studio's deep bowl is both wider and deeper than that of most ordinary sinks.

The name speaks for itself. This intelligent creation of Captain Kitchen Sink Studio provides cleaner , clog free and easy to maintain drainpipes of Captain Kitchen Sink Studio. The intellibin can be removed, emptied, and put back - quickly and conveniently. It also prevents entry of cockroaches through the drainpipe. so your drainpipe continues to work smoothly, day after day.

ISI Mark
Captain Kitchen Sink Studio believes in quality and customer satisfaction. This can be proved by the ISI mark which, in itself is a landmark in quality services. (*Selected models only).
S.S Drain Board
Captain Kitchen Sink Studio offers it's customers,"Captain Kitchen Sink Studio drain boards" in many designs and sizes that satisfactoralily fulfills requirements of the most demanding customer also.
Sound Deadning Pad
A unique sound suppression pad, on all Captain Kitchen Sink Studio models, helps minimize the noise of utensil washing and stacking on the sink.
Undercoat is extremely important for kitchen sinks, because it absorbs sound, protects against condensation and corrosion due to humidity in cabinet. All Captain Kitchen Sink Studio are spray coated with exclusive undercoating.
Surface Finish
Captain Kitchen Sink Studio are available in a choice of finishes.
GLOSS: Sinks with this finish have a gleaming, glossy look.
SATIN: This finish gives the sinks a smooth look and an elegant surface tone.

Features of Kitchen Sink